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Have you ever thought that we are even safe on the road?

Nowadays, people think that when they pass their driving test, they are safe on the road. We just don't agree with that. Today, in almost all European countries, the law states that after successfully passing the driving test, the driver must take a safe driving course. When we speak about Limousine service business just having a driver’s license is not enough.

Our company can boast that we have taken a step forward and completed the higher level of the safe driving course, so we brought our limousine service safety and taxi service safety on a higher level. In addition, we have driven several thousand kilometers throughout Europe, especially in Switzerland.

Safe transfers from Zurich airport and to Zurich airport

Safe transfers from Zurich airport and to Zurich airport

We are stationed at Zurich Airport - safe transfers from Zurich airport are our commitment.  These transfers are very frequent, we will single out only some of the routes: Airport Zurich - Zurich center, Davos, St Gallen, St Moritz, Geneva and also other major European cities.

The Advanced Safe Driving Program

AMZS Slovenia offers courses with very experienced instructors. They have 4 models, namely the beginner driver, the intensive program, the specialist program and the advanced program. We are of the opinion that such a course leads to much greater safety in traffic, faster and more timely reactions on the road, and have completed an INTENSIVE SAFE DRIVING PROGRAM for even greater safety in Limousine Service rides.

The course of the exam, which began in the morning hours in the classroom at the AMZS Vransko Slovenia exam center. At the very beginning, we talked with the other participants about the very problem of road conditions in Europe and Switzerland. After about 30 minutes, we realized that a very big problem is a lot of impatience.

The Advanced Safe Driving Program

Practical work at the training ground

After our theoretical work, we went to the vehicles and parked them in front of the training ground, which at first glance looked like a racing track!

First, we were divided into order, and right before the entrance to the driving range, the instructor introduced us to the vehicles and which tires we had. I was very relaxed before the very entrance to the training ground. As a professional driver with a lot of kilometers done in Europe and Switzerland. We can also boast that our drivers at Limousinenservice have not been involved in traffic accidents.

After arriving at the training ground, it was not as simple as I imagined. After a good hour and a half of driving along the slope between the obstacles, I felt tired. Of course, I wrongly overestimated the training ground itself and the practical part of the safe driving test was not that simple.

We also had an organized lunch and a break at the AMZS Safe driving center in Vransko, and we certainly made good use of it to share experiences and impressions from the training ground.

After our lunch, we quickly got into the vehicles and gasped between the two men who were moving the heavy divider! After 7.5 hours of intensive learning and gaining experience, we took the exam and obtained a license for SAFTY DRIVER (INTENSIVE PROGRAM) as a professional Zoric Limousine Service drivers.

Practical work at the training ground

Large experience in the field of Chauffeur Service safety

I recommend that every driver take such a course, or a similar one, depending on which European country takes the exam.

Limousine Service Zoric will participate in the continuation of the program in a short time, and with this we will gain additional and very large experience in the field of Chauffeur Service safety.

We will provide customers with greater security of our services, our safety drivers offer exceptional limo service for seamless airport transfers in Zurich.

Large experience in the field of Chauffeur Service safety

We would like to take this opportunity to thank AMZS Slovenia for participating.

Be safe on the road!

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